The Flint School Board voted to layoff 31 teachers and terminate five administrative staff at their meeting on Wednesday night. It's all part of an effort to cut down a nearly $22 million deficit. The cuts will save the district just over $8 million according to ABC 12.

Board member David Davenport believe the cuts will hurt the students more than help. He said "they're running parents out of this district and they're running teachers out of this district. That's not how you save money." Davenport wasn't part of the 5-2 vote to terminate the administrative positions and was the lone "nay" in the 7-1 decision to layoff the 31 teachers. It was Davenport's last night on the board.

The school board also voted unanimously to request an advance on January's state aid. It could be anywhere between $1.2-1.4 million and will be used to make payroll.