Want a chance to win $5,000? Here ya go!

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and see an event pop up, but you're not sure where it comes from? Is it local? Is there REALLY a cash prize?

If you've seen the post popping up for the Treasure Race, you're not alone. And the Flint 5,000 starts THIS WEEK on Saturday, August 29th. And it's run by LOCAL folks.

It's an app-based activity and you can participate with your friends and family. According to their website:

"Races are designed to engage teams in a multi-day adventure throughout a selected city, state or region. Each race will vary in size, duration and in total number of miles traveled, so teams should be prepared for unpredictable circumstances. There is no official starting line. Each team will determine a starting location convenient for all team members. The race will have a specific starting time on the date of your selected race. Some races will be held over multiple days, if the race you are running is more than one day, the race will pause at a specific time of day and restart the next morning. Please check your race description in the app to verify the starting time and pausing times. MOST races that take more than one day will pause at 9 pm."

Are you ready to actually DO SOMETHING this weekend? You can register your team for the Fllint 5,000 HERE.

This looks like SO MUCH FUN and it's something you can do while remaining socially distant! Have a great time, treasure hunters!

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