When you're on a plane that's been delayed eight hours -- yes, eight hours -- this is probably not what passengers want to hear.

A flight attendant for Ryanair recently tried to explain to frustrated passengers who had been delayed on their flight from Glasgow to Dublin for eight hours with this gem:

We have ice on the wings. We don’t want to die."

As you may expect, that did not go over well, as the comment was met with anger and a hodgepodge of disbelief (note the NSFW language by one person).

One woman onboard said, "This is what happens when you’ve been delayed almost eight hours, everyone’s at a lost including staff ‘we don’t want to die’ absolute mayhem."

She also said passengers kept receiving different reasons for the delay, which also may have played a role in the exasperated response.

Another reason for passengers to be up in arms? They were given vouchers for the paltry sum of $5 for the inconvenience. Ryanair, meanwhile, says it plans to talk to the flight attendant for her actions.