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The Flint Community School Program was the brainchild of Frank Manley. He recruited industrial giant, philanthropist, GM Director and largest stockholder, and former Flint mayor, Charles Stewart Mott, to put the financial punch in his program. It soon became the envy of the United States, attracting educators, coaches, and athletic directors to stream in to Flint to see how it was done. It quickly became another successful Flint export.

Keys to the success of that landmark program were the Community School Directors. Initially hand-picked by Manley himself, their presence in the schools at all levels became the driving force of the program.

Two of those CSD’s join us on this episode, Dan Cady and Jim Whitinger. Their influence, dedication, and involvement goes beyond just the community school program, and extends in to yet another Flint athletic and cultural innovation: the Flint Olympian and CANUSA Games.

Both men have been involved collectively for over 100 years. The Community School Director Program has been revived in Flint, and the CANUSA Games have just concluded another incredibly successful weekend. Indeed, after 62 years of continuous play, it is the last remaining international municipal athletic competition in all of America. It’s a very special Flint tradition. Jim and Dan are veterans of both programs, and offer a unique look at what it takes to craft and maintain a world-class, athletic, cultural legacy.

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