The FBI is investigating a Flint-area man believed to have ties to ISIS.

According to WNEM, federal agents are searching for 24-year-old Mohamed Masha from Flushing. Investigators are trying to determine if the medical school graduate is recruiting people in the Flint area.

The Detroit News says the investigation dates back to last fall when a U.S. Magistrate judge in Flint gave the FBI permission to execute at least one search warrant involving Masha. The warrant indicated that agents believed Masha had traveled overseas to help jihadists or engage in terrorism. The investigation is believed to have been triggered by Masha's disappearance in early 2015.

The News also says thatwhile recruitment of an American is rare, Masha fits the profile of typical ISIS recruits who are overwhelmingly male and have an average age of 26. Masha's social media accounts also mention jihad ad include quotes from Anwar al-Awlaki who was a radical U.S. born cleric before being killed in a 2011 drone strike.

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