A Facebook post is warning parents to monitor what their children watch on YouTube after discovering that not all YouTube video links are what they appear.

We live in a world where smartphones are used to keep kids occupied and entertained. Its a sad truth, but thanks to technology on the go kids can enjoy their favorite cartoon on such platforms as Netflix and YouTube. Hell even I'm guilty of giving my kid my phone when we go on long car rides.

With new technology comes new problems and thanks to a Facebook post parents can now be on the lookout for grotesque material that seem like normal cartoons.

The problem is when you search "Peppa Pig" or  on YouTube videos like this one show up.

Peppa Pig isn't the only cartoon that has horrible parodies online. There are dozens of other cartoon parodies that are just as grotesque as this one. Sure, anyone can say 'Well maybe don't let your kid use your phone without you around!' or "Yeah, but it says in the title NO FOR KIDS" but none of these responses help fix the problem that there is this type of material on YouTube.

The Facebook post warns that the kids could easily find these videos and to flag the videos so YouTube can take them down. Obviously the easiest way to fix this problem is to spend the $9.99 a month and get Netflix where the episodes are legit, but with money being tight that is not always a choice.


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