Beware of the fella on Facebook Marketplace whose merchandise and prices are too good to be true - because they are. His name is Jack Furne and he's ripping people off, $89 at a time.

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Facebook Marketplace can be a great place to sell no-longer-wanted items or find a great deal on something you're looking for. But it can also be a playground for people who are looking to make a buck at the expense of others.

Jack Furne's $89 Facebook Rippoff Scheme

WJBK-TV's Rob Wolchek exposed Furne's scam after numerous victims contacted the TV station.

It seems that Furne makes a practice of listing household items like couches for sale on Marketplace for an unbelievably low price of $89. To further entice his victims, Furne even offers free delivery. Because he's been offering such 'hot deals,' he has buyers pay via a cash app. But when it's time to complete the transaction, the seller makes up an excuse for why he didn't show.

Multiple buyers who paid Furne for the same items finally started comparing notes - and discovered that he had been ripping off multiple people.

Rachel tells WJBK that she fell for the scam.

"These aren't big-time CEO tycoons he is screwing over," Rachel said. "These are just people trying to get something for their house, get some furniture for their house."


The Plot Thickens

In the video below, you'll learn that Jack Furne isn't even his real name. He's actually John Toye, and he seems to have a long history of misrepresenting himself and not paying people he's been doing business with.

The moral of the story, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. And it's always best to conduct transactions with people you don't know at a local police station or public place in order to minimize your vulnerability.

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