Flint is getting a serious warning from the EPA as summer approaches, suggesting that the Flint Water Crisis is far from over.

The EPA passed on the warning to Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality about the affect that warmer temperatures will have on the water system in Flint.

Summer temps may hinder the water systems ability to distribute chlorine properly.

The EPA says that action to fix this problem is extremely important, and something must be done by this Friday.

The city is taking the warning seriously, and Mayor Karen Weaver is holding a press conference at 10:30am today to address the warning.

Keep in mind that the EPA and MDEQ are the two main organizations being criticized for not stopping the Flint Water Crisis when they had the chance.  That doesn't mean that this warning should be ignored at all.  In fact, it suggests that the agencies are finally paying closer attention to potential problems with Flint's drinking water.