Things got a little scary for some employees at a Five Guys restaurant in Ann Arbor earlier this week after the employees were forced into a freezer at gunpoint.

The incident took place during an armed robbery on Wednesday night at 3601 Washtenaw Ave. in the Arborland shopping center.

According to MLive, four employees were in the Five Guys shop cleaning up after closing for the day when one of the employees exited out the back door to throw out trash and was approached by an armed suspect wearing dark clothing.

The suspect then forced the employee back inside, along with the help from another suspect. While demanding them to open the Five Guys' safe, one of the employees managed to get out of of the building and run away.

I would have to imagine at this point, those employees were scared to death.

Since the employees didn't have access to the safe, the suspects forced them to give over the cash that was still in the registers.

After the suspects got what they wanted, they forced the three employees into a freezer. After closing them in, the suspects took off.

The employees eventually were able to get out thanks to an interior safety lock release.

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Both suspects were able to get away before police arrived on the scene. They were wearing dark clothing and their faces were covered. One had a ski mask on while the other wore a balaclava type mask.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact Ann Arbor Police Det. Steven Van Alstine at 734-794-6930, extension 49317, or department’s tip line at 734-794-6939.

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