Things got a little heated (literally) recently at a Tim Hortons in Southgate after an employee got mad and threw a cup of hot coffee at a customer in the drive-thru.

Here's what happened

A Michigan woman was going through the drive-thru at a Tim Hortons in Southgate when she asked the employee if she could add Timbits to her order which she had not paid for yet. The employee told her no and slammed the window shut. The woman turned to her boyfriend and called the employee a b**ch. Apparently, the 16-year-old employee heard the comment because that's when the coffee was thrown in the woman's face.

The woman's face and car were covered in coffee as you'll see in the video below.

According to WDIV, The incident happened at a Tim Hortons located on Northline Road on Oct. 30.

The woman is suing Tim Hortons after suffering minor burns. I'm sure it was also extremely embarrassing as well.

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Michael Oliveira, senior manager of communications at Tim Hortons:

We do not comment on pending litigation, however, I can say that Tim Hortons franchisees are expected to meet our brand’s strict standards and high expectations for guest experience and that we are looking into the matter with the franchisee that operates the restaurant.

Now keep in mind I'm only giving you one side of the story because that's all we have. Regardless of what else happened, no one has the right to throw hot coffee at someone. I don't care if the woman was calling her every name in the book, you simply close the window and grab a manager.


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