Brown is out?  Not so fast!  While not eligible to act as Emergency Financial Manager under the provisions of Public Act 72, he will be Flint’s City Administrator under the newly appointed “EFM,” Ed Kurtz.  Public Act 4, the contested replacement for Public Act 72, is suspended now that it has been certified for November’s ballot by the State Board of Canvassers.

Flint Councilman Scott Kincaid spoke with Tom Sumner, host of the Tom Sumner Program on Flint’s News Talk 1470, Wednesday evening.  Kincaid plans to challenge the appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager (Public Act 72), saying the city no longer meets the requirements for such an appointment, ironically, after the work of Michael Brown as Emergency Manager (under Public Act 4).  In addition, it is not clear whether suspension of Public Act 4 automatically reinstates Public Act 72, which it replaced.

One thing is clear, with the naming of Ed Kurtz as EFM, and the appointment of Michael Brown as City Administrator, for now, it looks like Flint will be staying the course set by Michael Brown.