Granted, losing $20,000 of a drug cartel's money is fairly panic inducing. That said, you do have to wonder what Demarco Alonzo Thomas was thinking when he called the police for a note excusing him from delivering $20,000.

Thomas was unable to find the money and, in a panic, called the Tucson police. He asked them if they could perhaps provide him with a phony notice of seizure that they'd taken the $20,000 so he wouldn't, well, be murdered.

Granted, going to the police isn't really a bad idea if you're sure a cartel is going to kill you, but asking them for a note? Not so much. The Tucson police searched his luggage and found $17,000 in his suitcase, as well as another $3000 in his wallet.

Hey, at least they found it for him.

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