A photographer from Michigan's Upper Peninsula recently shared a really cool video that was captured on his drone as it flew over Lake Superior in Marquette.

Shannon Kivi has a solid following on social media mainly due to his amazing photos and videos that he often shares from the Upper Peninsula.

Kivi recently shared footage from his drone that shows ice shards and ice, in general, piling up near the shores of Lake Superior. The drone flies right over the ice capturing what I can only describe as mesmerizing footage.

At one point, you can see Kivi in the background standing on Lake Superior's ice flying the drone. It's really something to see.

Shannon Kivi:

The ice is piling up in Marquette as the the big lake is finally starting to freeze. Here is a low flying drone video over the ice!


I can honestly say in all my 48 years living in Michigan, I've never once been to Marquette. I've been to the Upper Peninsula a bunch of times but I usually only go to Sault Ste. Marie or Grand Marais. After seeing Kivi's photos and videos, I'm definitely going to have to take a trip up there...preferably in the summer. It's way too cold for me to venture up that way in the winter.

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His photography really is pure Michigan gold. If you'd like to see more photos and videos from Shannon Kivi, you can follow him under 906 Images on Facebook or Instagram.

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