Can we get a rapture rain check? Say, for Oct. 21? Harold Camping, the radio host who predicted Christians would be taken to heaven this past Saturday, leaving non believers behind to suffer through the end of the world, has picked a new date for the end of the world after a rapture-less weekend.

Camping, president of California-based Family Radio, had predicted May 21 as Judgment Day. Camping, on his radio show Monday, said Judgment Day did in fact come on Saturday, but just in a more spiritual than physical sense. It should be noted, that Camping had also predicted raptures on May 21, 1988 and Sept. 7, 1994.

On Monday, Camping said God began silently judging earthlings on Saturday, and that the real date of the apocalypse is now set for Oct. 21.

Camping had backed his Saturday prediction with millions of dollars in advertising, and many believers followed suite. Robert Fitzpatrick, a retired New York City transit worker, spent his life savings in an effort to warn others of the rapture, reported.

Camping said he doesn't plan on launching a similar marketing campaign to warn the world of the impending October rapture, but be ready and be good, because you're being silently judged.