Last week, Republican candidate Donald Trump was called to account for a tape that had leaked to the Washington Post. In it, Trump is heard bragging, in extremely lewd terms, about his treatment of women. Trump dismissed his words, which were recorded on an open microphone moments before an interview for Access Hollywood, as “locker room banter.”

My first thought, upon hearing Trump’s comments, was of George Costanza. Specifically, the scene where George’s boss at Pendant Publishing asks him if he had sex with the company’s cleaning lady in his office. This is George’s response:

This wasn’t the first time I made this mental comparison either. Many of Trump’s denials, evasions, and obfuscations seem to come right out of the Costanza handbook. Both men are self-centered, prone to angry outbursts, and deeply obsessed with the state of their hairlines. In most situations, Trump appears to adhere to George’s philosophy that one should always do the opposite of your instincts. (How else to explain suggesting the women who’d accused him of sexual assault were too ugly for their allegations to be true?) I’ve never heard him exclaim “Trump is getting upset!” But at the rate he’s going, it’s only a matter of days.

With that in mind, we put together a little quiz to test your knowledge. Who said it: Costanza or Trump? Above you’ll find a dozen quotes that came from either the Donald or the George. It’s up to you to decide who said it, and to see if you truly are the master of your domain (and whether that domain is Trump Tower). Good luck.

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