First there was Burton Opoly, then Lapeer Opoly - it was only a matter of time until Fenton had its own board game too. I am happy to report, that day has come. Fenton Opoly is now available for purchase.

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I think the name of these board games is self explanatory, but if you are not familiar - these game are Monopoly knock off. Instead of landing on Boardwalk or Park Place, you could be landing on Shiawassee Avenue or the Fenton Freedom Festival when you play Fenton Opoly. I don't know if the Corner Bar in Fenton made the board, but it should have. Trust me, I have landed there plenty of times.

If you are interested in buying Fenton Opoly, you can find it at the Walmart in Fenton for $19.97. I suggest getting one soon, I know the Burton and Lapeer versions were going fast.

I did try to find a picture of the board online, but unfortunately I could not. Here are my predictions as to what may appear on the board, or better yet - what I would have put on the board

  • The Corner Bar
  • El Topo
  • The Fireplace
  • Crust
  • The Laundry
  • Vg's Food Center(s)
  • The Fenton Gazebo
  • Spicer Orchards
  • Balloon Quest Balloon Rides
  • Fenton Farms Golf Club

I definitely would put the new XOLO in Fenton on the list, but unfortunately they are not open quite yet. I do realize I picked a lot of bars and or restaurants - I am sure that does not come as a surprise to you.

Let me know if you pick up Fenton Opoly - we can make it a drinking game I am sure.

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