When it comes to weird and unusual foods, how far are you willing to go? Are you the type of person that is willing to try anything? And by anything, I mean anything. If you said yes, well then, I have the perfect food festival for you.

There's a food festival that is happening in Detroit that offers some really unusual foods from places like South America, America, Europe and more. All the best flavors, unique to their own countries, are being brought to you in the one location in Detroit. With that said, you already know you're in for some interesting choices.

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Explore Hidden (Detroit) is bringing their Weird and Wonderful Food Festival to the Motor City this fall. At the festival, you'll indulge in all kinds of bizarre seafood, hot chillies, smoked meats, fried chicken, chocolates and plenty of booze. Oh, and let's not forget about their scorpion pizza that will be available for you to try.

How weird does the food get? I guess you'll just have to go to find out.

There’ll also be lots of interactive activities to take part in, like wine tasting, cooking presentations and skiing on melons more. Yes, I said skiing on melons.

You can sign up for the free event to register your interest, you will then be notified of when tickets are on sale but signing up does not guarantee you a ticket for the actual event.

The event is put on through Explore Hidden so in most cases, the event is at a secret location. It's also an ongoing event through November 30th. Once you get notified about your tickets, you'll get all the information that you'll need to be able to attend.

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