The long-closed Michigan Central Depot is one of the largest and most visible historical landmarks in Detroit... It is also one of the biggest eyesores. A new agreement promises to rectify that situation.

Michigan Central Depot is located in Corktown and has been closed since 1988. Obviously, being a large, unmanned structure in "The D" for the better part of the last three decades has put it on the receiving end of more than its share of vandalism. Still, the depot -- first opened in 1913 -- stands strong among the Detroit skyline.

The Detroit News reports that a new agreement between the owners and St. Clair's Chamberlain Glass & Metal Inc., and Graham Architectural Products will see all of the over 1,000 windows replaced. A new elevator has also been installed in the structure, but no concrete plans for re-purposing the former train station have been announced.

Over the years owners and city officials alike have proposed multiple ideas for the former train station, including everything from a revamped version of its former self to a new police headquarters. Obviously, none of those came to fruition. These days, the structure mostly serves as fodder for photographers looking to exploit the "bleak landscape of Detroit." However, it was rumored to be a shooting location for the upcoming mega-blockbuster 'Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.'

The new renovations are set to begin "soon," according to the press release.