John Witherspoon, who will always be remembered for his hilarious roles on Friday and The Boondocks, has passed away at the age of 77.

I hate that when news like this happens, everyone's first reaction has to be to check and see if the story is actually real. It seems like it lessens the actual emotion we should all feel when a public figure dies. This is not a hoax though, as his passing was confirmed by his family on Twitter.

Witherspoon's passing has been followed by a massive outpouring of love and sadness from his friends and family on social media.

Chuck D from Public Enemy posted one of my first memories of Witherspoon on screen. Witherspoon will always be remembered as Pops from Friday, but this will always be one of my favorite roles he played.

No matter how hilarious the role that Witherspoon played, there was always a fatherly element to it.

He always provided laugh out loud moments in every role, but you could always find a gem of good advice in the role as well. The best example I can provide is his the advice he gives to Ice Cube near the end of Friday.

Rest easy Pops, and thank you for all the good advice . . . including how long to wait before going into the bathroom.

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