An iconic bar in downtown Detroit is gearing up to reopen just in time for the Tigers' home opener on April 8.

The Anchor Bar in downtown Detroit has been closed for the past few months but that's about to change as the iconic bar & grill will reopen this Tuesday (April 5). A huge comeback party will follow on April 8 for Detroit Tigers Opening Day.

During the pandemic, The Anchor Bar closed for roughly eight months but reopened in March of 2021. It's unclear why they Temporarily closed back in January of this year.

Stephanie Prechel, general manager for the Iconic Collection who owns The Anchor Bar:

The Anchor Bar has been a fixture of downtown Detroit’s dining scene for more than six decades and we look forward to reopening and welcoming our guests again.

Iconic Collection also owns Parc Detroit, 220 Merrill in Birmingham, Room at 220, DoubleTree Bloomfield Hills Detroit, Zalman’s Delicatessen and The Duke.

The Anchor Bar is the perfect spot for people to gather and experience engaging, inspiring and real connections, great food and beverage options and personal service.

The Anchor Bar is popular among those going to sporting events in downtown Detroit along with downtown workers and journalists.

According to The Detroit News, the bar menu has been “reimagined” to include new items like a fried chicken sandwich and a baked mac and cheese dish topped with parmesan breadcrumbs. They also have Greek salads, tater tots, wings, nachos, and other tasty bar food favorites.

I haven't been to The Anchor Bar in years but the few times I'd been there, I really enjoyed it a lot. It really is a cool little spot to hang out and have some cocktails.

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