Do you believe the death penalty is constitutionally right? Being in Michigan with no death penalty, I beleive that there are certain crimes that should face death. What do you think? The court system is trying this subject to see if it is constitutionally right, find out more after the jump.

Experts on eyewitness identification, confessions and forensic evidence are among those expected to testify at an unusual hearing on the constitutionality of the death penalty that starts Monday in the Texas county that has sent more convicts to death row than any other.

Harris County Judge Kevin Fine ordered the hearing last spring in response to a routine defense motion that judges typically reject. Fine, who stands out as a Democratic judge in deeply Republican Texas, declined to be interviewed but has indicated he's aware of recent exonerations of death row inmates and his decision in the case will "boil down to whether or not an innocent person has actually been executed."

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via News from The Associated Press.

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