Built nearly 100 years ago, this golf course in Dearborn will be closed for the 2022 season due to major flooding.

After losing 42 days last season due to flooding, Dearborn Hills Golf Course will be forced to close for the 2022 season as well. Again, this is due to the significant and ongoing damage sustained by the course since the June 2021 "catastrophic flooding" event.

The flooding is so severe that even if they wanted to try and open, they would have to rope off a good chunk of the course. Unfortunately, it just made more sense to close for the season.

Dearborn Hills Golf Course:

Despite year-round efforts to bring the course back to viability, many areas have not healed since last June. The flooding damage has been compounded by upstream logjams in the Rouge River, which continue to divert river flow onto the course fairways. While the course will be closed for the season, the City of Dearborn will continue its maintenance activities throughout the summer, including working on a long-term strategy for logjam prevention in the Rouge River.


While the golf course is closed for the 2022 season, banquet events will continue as planned through mid-June.

Dearborn Hills Golf Course was built in 1923 and is considered to be one of Michigan’s oldest public golf course and is listed in the State Register of Historic Sites. The course is owned and operated by the City of Dearborn Recreation & Parks Department.

As of right now, the city has no plans to sell the golf course.

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