Good news for Davison residents, starting this summer, you'll no longer have to drive to the Flint Farmer's Market to get a tasty hot dog from B-Dogs Specialty Hot Dog Cart. Of course, B-dogs brings more to the table than just your average hot dog.

B-Dogs is well known for serving up specialty hot dogs including ones topped with cheese, jalapenos and Fritos (my favorite) and others with sloppy Joe sauce, or macaroni cheese and bacon or even coleslaw. They also offer Flint Coneys as well.

At the moment, you can only eat from B-Dogs in the Flint Farmer's Market three days a week. With their new location, you'll be able to chow down all week long as their current plan is to be open six days a week starting sometime this summer.

Owner Tim Bishop is not only the owner of B-Dogs but he's also the mayor of Davison.

The bonus to opening a storefront, more options and a bigger menu to choose from.

Davison Mayor/B-Dogs owner Tim Bishop:

We’ll be able to expand the menu because we’ll have more space. We’re looking at some items like tater tots and doing some different off takes of tater tots, and we definitely want to have some more side items, maybe some baked beans. It’ll be a bigger menu.

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Where in Davison Will B-Dogs Be Located?

B-Dogs Specialty Hot Dog Cart will open it's new location on State Road in a new plaza that's currently in development.

Source: MLive

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