Here's the long and short (and flat) of it: this customer should probably do his shopping online.

A man in the British store HBH Woolacotts accidentally knocked over four flat screen televisions that were on display on the floor in front of the store.

Surveillance cameras captured the entire episode of ineptitude. The man somehow knocks two TVs over before backing into the two sets behind him, a quartet of LCD blush-inducing screwups.

There are a few things here, though, that make you scratch your head. First, who would put flat screen TVs on the ground? You're just begging for something like this to happen. And if it wasn't an adult who did this, it was going to be a little kid who's bored to pieces in a store while his parents are shopping and decides to see if he's strong enough to push one of the sets or if his fingernails are long enough to scratch the screen.

Second, is this for real? Do you think this happened? Because sometimes the videos on the internet are actually hoaxes (crazy, right?)? This could just be some sort of viral marketing strategy to increase awareness and, if it is, we're betting it worked because you now know what HBH Woolacotts is.

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