Artificial snow extends the ski season in Michigan and Crystal Mountain will blast the slopes with 14 new snowmaking machines from the Great White North.

One of the greatest things about living in Michigan is the four distinct seasons of the year. We get a full dose of rebirth every spring, plentiful but never quite enough long summer days, glorious colors of autumn before the blanket of white falls for a winter that always seems just a few weeks too long for most of us. Others love to get outside year-round, and ski resorts are doing big business in Michigan.

The Coronavirus pandemic has more and more people seeking outdoor recreation and hiking, mountain biking, geocaching and downhill skiing all saw significant growth in 2020 and 2021. Crystal Mountain resort, near Traverse City, is doubling down and making the most of the snow, literally, by adding 14 new snow guns from Quebec City, Canada.

Director of Mountain Operations Mike Cutler says the new machines pump 80 gallons of water per minute and 11 guns could cover an acre of snow every three hours. Artificial snow means they don't have to cross their fingers and rely solely on Mother Nature.

All of our snowmaking upgrades are driven by opening the mountain sooner, sustaining fluctuating weather patterns throughout the season and drawing out the snowsports season as long as we can.

-Mike Cutler, Director of Mountain Operations at Crystal Mountain

Another way Northern Michigan ski resorts are opening sooner is by offering scenic fall chairlift rides.

Anyone living in Michigan knows that the first snowflakes could be spotted anytime now, as we approach Halloween. Eleven of the 14  snow machines have been delivered to Crystal Mountain and are being installed now. In this case, an arctic winter blast from Canada is a good thing.

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