What's fair is fair, amirite?

Pontiac resident Rich Zelasko, who won $30 million back off a Mega Millions ticket back in 2013, has to give half of his winnings to his ex-wife - they were separated, but not legally divorced when he won the money.

Actually, his now-ex Mary Beth Zelasko already HAS the money; it was given to her after arbitration. Rich appealed the decision; his lawyer said that the luck was HIS and not Mary Beth's.

The arbitrator said that, because they were in the MIDDLE of a divorce when he won and not legally divorced yet, that the ticket was considered marital property.

Dude, Rich - we get it; it must be hard to lose $15 million. But you BOTH won $15 million, and if you're complaining about THAT, I've got a teeny, tiny violin to play for you.

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