Technology is changing by the day, even the hour. Now those once essential electronic devices that are obsolete can serve a whole new purpose.


Instead of sitting in the basement collecting dust and taking up space, you can take those items to a special recycling event hosted by the Detroit Zoo. You can help the environment and score free admission to the zoo at the same time.

The Detroit Zoological Society will collect your old electronics during their Free E-Waste Collection Event on November 15 and 16 from noon to 6 p.m. The DZS will accept devices large and small including printers, non-tube televisions, computers, wire, DVD and VHS players, batteries, radios and phones. You can drop off your items at the Water Tower parking lot on the north side of the Detroit Zoo parking structure.

Why Recycling Electronics Saves the Gorillas

According to the DZS, by recycling eWaste, you help reduce the demand for coltan. Coltan is the mineral that is found in phones and other small electronics. It is mined from areas where endangered gorillas live. Recycling old mobile phones and other small electronics helps reduce the demand for coltan and protects gorilla habitat in Africa

Also, the goal is to keep the high volume of electronic waste out of our landfills, and find ways to repurpose them.

"Technology offers opportunities for a higher quality of life, but many practices to extract materials, manufacture the products and dispose of them at the end of life are devastating habitats,” said Andy McDowell, DZS manager of sustainability in a press release. “By recycling electronic waste, community members can make a meaningful impact toward reducing these destructive effects.”

Photo: DZS
Photo: DZS

Not only can you do your part for the environment, but the DZS will say thank you in a special way. Each driver who brings electronic waste to be recycled will receive a voucher for one free admission to the Detroit Zoo. Those vouchers will be valid during regular hours any Monday through Thursday in 2021. Up to two vouchers can be provided to a participant who coordinates a drop-off with multiple households and brings a full car load of items that need to be recycled.

If you plan on heading to the recycling event, the DZS is asking participants to answer this brief survey to allow the DZS to better prepare for this event by clicking here.

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