Comerica Park has a plan that will get you into the park faster.

The new system will use fingerprint scanners to verify the identity of attendees and get them into the park faster. You can enroll in the new biometrics scanning system beginning this week at Comerica Park with a state issued ID.

You will still have to go through security at Comerica Park, but fans who wish to have their finger scanned will get to go through shorter lines. Not only will it speed up the entry process at the park, but the new system is also an added layer of security for the park. When you have your finger scanned it will allow park officials to know what time you entered.

I consider myself a concert/sporting event pro. I never take a purse or bag, and try to be as low maintenance as possible so I can enter the park quickly. I love when venues have a line for people that are not bringing bags because it moves so much faster. I would let them scan my finger any day if it means I can get to my seat faster. Eventually your ticket could be linked to your fingerprint, which would speed things up even more.

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