Come on down! Or for some of us - living south of Saginaw - Come on up! The Price is Right is bringing its live show to the Dow Event Center in Saginaw.

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What is 'The Price is Right Live?'

Staying home from school as a kid has meant getting the opportunity to watch The Price is Right on TV for generations of Americans - it was practically a requirement. The Price is Right Live brings the excitement of the iconic game show to an interactive stage show.

Audience members have the opportunity to hear their names followed by "Come on down" in order to play the interactive games. Games can include many of the same games played on the television version of the show like Plinko and Cliffhangers. There can even be a chance to win a showcase prize.

Prizes that are offered can vary by location and can include appliances, vacations, and sometimes even a new car. According to the game's website, audience members even have a chance to win prizes from their seats.

In the nearly two decades that The Price is Right Live show has been touring the US, it's given away more than $12 million in cash and prizes. Excuse me, cash and FABULOUS prizes.

Where and When?

The Price is Right Live hits the Dow Event Center in Saginaw on Saturday, October 22 beginning at 8 pm. According to Mlive, Contestant registration begins at 4 pm the day of the show, and doors open at 7 pm. Registration will close at showtime.

Click here to buy tickets and for more information.

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