Nobody likes to go out in frigid temperatures. And that includes your car. Hey, you don’t like when somebody forces you to get going when it’s -30 outside. So here are a few ideas to help make cold weather starting a little easier on you and your vehicle.

Before you even start it:

  • HEAT UP YOUR DOOR LOCK KEY: Most people have a remove or key fob to unlock your car. But if you don’t, try using a lighter, or just warm it up in your hands. Nothing’s more frustrating than breaking your key off in you lock especially when it’s cold outside. Also, you can purchase lock de-icers…it’s a small tube that sticks inside your fuel filler door. Just detach it, snip off the top and squeeze it into your door lock cylinder. After a few seconds, your key should normally
  • PRIME YOUR BATTERY: If you try turning your car over right away, you may damage the battery and it may not start. Simply turn the key to the accessory position, wait about 8-10 seconds, then start the car. This will give the battery a chance to warm up, and it won’t run your battery down.
  • KITTY LITTER: Even if you don’t own a cat, keep a small bag of kitty litter behind your driver’s seat in case you get stuck. Just sprinkle a decent amount in front and behind your drive wheels to help get some grip. And if you do get stuck, remember to…a) turn off the traction control, so you can rock your car out of the snow, and…b) keep your tailpipe clear of snow to keep carbon monoxide out of your vehicle.
  • LOOSEN YOUR WINDSHIELD WIPERS: I can’t you how many times I’ve people with broken wiper motors or transmissions because they turned their wipers on when they were frozen to the windshield. Just scrape under the wipers until they are not frozen to the glass. You can even put an old blanket on your windshield under the wipers over night, then pull it off in the morning. Saves you time and scraping.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR FLUIDS ARE FULL: Especially wiper fluid and coolant. And always keep your fuel level above ¼ tank when the temp drops below 20 degrees.

We all hate the cold, so these tips can help your winter driving be a little less chilling!