Central Michigan University officials agreed to pump about $13 Million into upgrading residence halls on campus.

The board of trustees made the official announcement yesterday to improve some dorms along with new living facilities.

One of the dorms targeted for upgrades is Barnes Hall. Barnes is the last dorm on campus that still has community bathrooms. I remember what a shock it was realizing that I would have to share a bathroom during my first year of college, and that was just with roommates. Imagine sharing with an entire floor of people!

According to the release the following dorms will see some type of improvements.

  • North, South, and East residence halls will all see upgrades done
  • Merrill and Robinson restaurants will be updated.
  • A new North Campus Wellness center will be built.

CMU has a beautiful campus, and the college atmosphere is infectious when you are on campus. Unfortunately many other things can become infectious with a shared bathroom.

The construction projects are expected to start in 2019.


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