A scary scene played out Thursday night as a car drove through a group of UAW picketers, clipping one of them.

The UAW members were walking their picket line, and blocking entrance to the plant on Bristol Road near I-75. The video shows a security guard trying to get into work when the picketers tell them to find a different way in. This is pretty standard stuff, and most of the suppliers and other people not on strike respect what the UAW workers are picketing for.

That's not this idiot did in the video below.

I did a little follow up with the person that took the video, and the police were called but they did not show up in time to find the driver of the car.

I don't care if you are 100% for or against the UAW strike, you DO NOT hit people with your car.

No job is important enough to possibly kill someone in your car. Not to mention the fact that if you work in the GM buildings that the UAW is picketing around, your bosses know whats going on. They should understand that getting past the line of picketers can be challenging, but I'm confident they don't want you plowing through people either.

Luckily nobody was seriously injured in the incident.

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