We've been doing the 50-state thing since Hawaii got the nod in 1959. But if one California politician gets his way, we're going to have to add another star to the flag.

Jeff Stone, who sits on Riverside County Board of Supervisors, is proposing that his and 12 other counties in the southern half of California break away from the Golden State and form their own state called South California.

This proposed South California doesn't, however, include Southern California's biggest city, Los Angeles.

And therein lies the impetus for the plan. Stone is a Republican, and by creating a South California without the liberal city of L.A., he would create a state that is ruled predominately by conservatives. As it stands, California's state government is run by Democrats.

In the unlikely event this happens, South California would be the fifth-biggest state in the union, and "North" California would be dropped to second biggest, following Texas.

[The Los Angeles Times]

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