As soon as the first leaf turns yellow everyone gets out the puffy vests, fall beverages, and all things pumpkin spice start creeping out of the woodworks. We have seen pumpkin spice chips, pumpkin spice cereal, and now Buffalo Wild Wings has jumped on the bandwagon with barbeque pumpkin flavored wing sauce.

According to the Buffalo Wild Wings website, the BBQ Pumpkin Ale sauce is ale sauce mixed with BBQ and pumpkin spice to create fall's favorite flavor. It has been available since October 1st.

I'm not sure what to think of pumpkin spice chicken wings. I love most things pumpkin spice flavored, like cake, cookies, and coffee, but those things are all sweet. I'm not sure about the mix of a savory food with a sweet spice. I guess I will have to try them before fall is over and they are gone. My question is what is next? Peppermint wings?


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