Look at that!  No cars in the parking lot in the middle of the day? Yes, the Grand Blanc Walmart is closed and it looks like it will be for the foreseeable future. Pat Clark from Pat & AJ in the Morning tried to get more information from the store's manager this morning, but he was less than willing to share details.

Genesee County Central Dispatch reported a miscellaneous fire at the Saginaw St address, and Pat did report seeing firetrucks and emergency vehicles at the scene.

UPDATE 12:36pm: According to Flint Police Operations, a service desk cashier heard a popping sound, smelled some sort of gas, then her throat started burning. Cars 108 listeners who were in the store at the time reported that they were gasping for air as the store was being evacuated.

UPDATE 2:24pm: Jeremy Fenech went to the store around 2pm this (Wednesday) afternoon, and the store was still closed. Employees shared no information on why they were closed, and were incredibly unclear on when they would re-open. Like a record skipping over and over, they just kept saying, "Sorry, we're closed. Try back later."

UPDATE 4:47pm: A Walmart representative has informed Cars 108 that the store has reopened as of around 4:00pm (Wednesday).

Whatever caused the total store closure must have been worse than a mobile meth lab being discovered in the bathroom. We all know that Walmart will stay open for things like that.

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