As hard as it will be to say goodbye to Bryan Cranston's Walter White and those still left alive in the cast, 'Breaking Bad' has made its goodbye a little longer by extending the final two episodes to seventy-five minutes a piece.

Originally tweeted by 'Breaking Bad' writer Peter Gould, it's been confirmed that AMC will shift their schedule oh so slightly to allow for an extra half hour of content and commercials for the final two episodes of the show. 'Breaking Bad' has consistently released extended cut episodes when the show has hit home video, and it's likely that -- considering what's recently happened -- they'd rather not rush these last two episodes (while also, you know, getting a little extra profit). This is only bad news for those who can't wait to watch the next episode of 'Low Winter Sun' or 'Talking Bad.'

But for the rest of us, getting a little extra time to send off Cranston, Aaron Paul and the rest of the 'Breaking Bad' ensemble is great news, and hopefully this was announced early enough so viewers can adjust their DVR's accordingly.The penultimate episode "Granite State" will air this Sunday, while the series finale "Felina" airs on September 29.

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