The 2022 National Cherry Festival in Traverse City is already shaping up nicely as it was announced this week that The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels will be flying over the event in July.

When Are the Blue Angels Scheduled to Fly Over The Cherry Festival in Traverse City?

The Blue Angels will be performing for the 2022 National Cherry Festival in Traverse City July 2 - 4.

The National Cherry Festival takes place from July 2-9.

I've been to the Cherry Festival a few times over the years but never have I been able to catch a performance by the Blue Angles. It would be so awesome to be at the festival on July 4th for the air show and fireworks.

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Do you Have to Buy Tickets to Attend the Cherry Festival?

The majority of the events held during the National Cherry Festival are free, including the air shows. Tickets are required for some of the festival gatherings and happenings. Race entrance fees can range up to $80, and concert performances vary between $20 and $150. Tickets aren't on sale yet.

The Blue Angels were supposed to show off their skills in 2020 at Traverse City's National Cherry Festival but it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Traverse City stop is one of 32 that were announced for the 2022 season but your only other opportunity to see the Blue Angels in Michigan will be July 16-17 when they perform over Ypsilanti at the Thunder Over Michigan Air Show.

Check out this amazing cockpit footage from 2019.

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