If you grew up in Michigan, springtime meant visits to Frank's Nursery & Crafts to stock up on plants, seeds, and more. Founded in the 1940s in Detroit, Frank's was the spot for everything outside & inside your home until it closed its doors in 2004. Now the legendary store is making a comeback.

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Thanks to the efforts Kelly Boyd, the son of Frank's Nursery & Crafts late executive William Boyd, the store is seeing new life, but in a different way. According to the Detroit Free Press, Frank's Nursery & Crafts has been reborn online. No longer a brick-and-mortar location, shoppers will be able to find everything they need online, and ready to ship.

"It's better than buying from a store," Boyd told the Free Press. "The variety that is utterly unmatched (compared with) a Frank's store from the past."

Boyd was inspired to relaunch the company his father was part of after seeing a social media post go viral about Frank's and its impact on the state. At its peak, Frank's had 320 stores in 24 states.  After acquiring the trademark and partnering with an online nursery company, Boyd has seen his dream become reality.

Although business will be done differently this time around, the same great things that customers loved about Frank's will be back. According to the website, the same money-back guarantee is in place: "If a plant you buy from us fails, we will replace it, no questions asked."


The website, growing daily, assures visitors there is much more to come saying, 

"Soon we will carry many more products in a variety of categories (like the “old” Frank’s)"

As for the famous Frank's Nursery & Crafts slogan, "Beautiful things begin at Frank's, it's back, but with an updated twist...."Beautiful things begin again."

Check out the Frank's Nursery & Crafts here. 



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