Love them or hate them, there are most likely many new roundabouts coming to Genesee County.

I've never understood the overall apprehension when it comes to a roundabout, but it seems like people lose their minds when a new one pops up. I've had two show up in my direct commute over the last couple of years, and I love them. Knowing that you don't have to stop (if everyone executes the roundabout properly) is a great thing.

The roundabout at Bristol and I-75 is one of the more recent in our area, and a few people were very vocal in their protests. Those people are not going to be happy with the rumors that Genesee County could possibly be getting many more in the next few years.

According to Mlive, county officials are looking at 3,600 different intersections to possibly place a new roundabout. We obviously are not going to see thousands of new roundabouts pop up, but there will definitely be a few. There are already a few places we know according to the article.

The long-awaited extension of Dort Highway from Interstate-75 to Baldwin Road includes three plans for roundabouts.


What kind of devil talk is this?!

If you're still a little nervous when it comes to a roundabout, check out the instructional video below. Just remember, it's so much easier than stopping and awkwardly waiting to see who will cut the 4-way stop.

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