Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t take himself too seriously.

He never has. This is the guy who once threw a pipe through a dude and quipped “Let off some steam, Bennett.” This is the guy who once played a pregnant man and said “My nipples are very sensitive.” This is the guy who screamed “Freeze in hell, Batman!” to George Clooney. And this it the guy who went on The Late Late Show and acted out all of his movies (including Batman & Robin) with host James Corden.

Corden and Schwarzenegger really do run through all of his career in six minutes (except for Stay Hungry; where is Stay Hungry?!?), and hit all his biggest catchphrases. Along the way, they also invent a new catchphrase: “I can’t get up. I have an erection.” (Clearly this man is not planning on running for office again anytime soon.)

I have to say, Arnold is a fantastic sport. Admittedly, this is a man who has proven he enjoys screaming “Get to duh choppah!” as much as the next guy (or more than the next guy). But putting on a white smock and football pads and spraying James Corben in the face with Silly String to play Mr. Freeze again? That’s a whole other level of self-mockery. And throughout, Schwarzenegger looks like he’s having a blast; he keeps cracking himself up the whole time. Give the guy credit; if viral videos are the new way to promote movies, this guy gets it. (Maggie, by the way, opens on Friday.)

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