A round of applause and appreciation for Ben, the Good Samaritan who stopped to help Jamie Geesey and her daughter after a rollover accident Wednesday evening.

The car Geesey was driving hit a patch of ice and flipped over as they were traveling on Grand Blanc Rd. just west of Linden Rd. In a Facebook post later that night, Geesey said the man stopped right away to help and had a first aid kit at the ready.

"He crawled through the glass to shut my car off while we were still in it. He pulled me and my daughter out. He had a first aid bag ready the second he got us out. He said he use to be search and rescue."

Geesey noted that in all the commotion she never got a chance to thank the man. She updated her post a few days later, saying that someone on Facebook knew who he was and was able to put her in touch with him.

I drove through that area after the evergency vehicles arrived and Geesey's accident served as a reminder for me to slow down. Jamie, we're glad you and your daughter are OK and thanks for the nice Facebook post proving that there are lots of great people out there!



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