Gas is ridiculously expensive everywhere, but an official with Davison Township is concerned that stations in the area may be price gouging customers at the pump.

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Davison Township Treasurer Cries Foul

Tim Green is the Davison Township Treasurer. He claims that gas prices are artificially high in the Davison area, running significantly higher than stations in nearby cities and towns.

“Why are we charging so much more for gas in the Davison area consistently versus everywhere else?” Green tells WNEM-TV in Saginaw in the video below.

Green tells the TV station he has sent letters to eight gas stations in the area but is yet to get a response. He notes that on July 18, gas stations along M-15 and on Irish Rd. were charging $4.79 and 4.84 respectively for a gallon of regular unleaded gas, while in Mt. Morris the price was $4.19 - that's a difference of 60 cents.

Treasurer Urges Residents to Shop Around

Green notes that while he likes to shop local and support businesses in the township, he says residents need to shop around.

“I support the Davison Township businesses 100 percent. I’m not asking them to go somewhere else. I’m asking these businesses to have fair pricing with our residents so that they can enjoy the lower prices that all of our surrounding Genesee County areas are enjoying right now,” Green said.

Green hopes that residents going elsewhere for gas will send the message to local stations that charging exorbitant prices will drive customers away.

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