Tourism equals money for some Mid-Michigan communities, such as Birch Run and Frankenmuth. But that point seems to be lost on an administrator for the 'Saginaw County Police, Fire & EMS Operations' Facebook page, who (woke up on the wrong side of the bed and) posted:

"COUNTY WIDE:  A piece of advice for all county residents. Avoid the village of Birch Run and Frankenmuth and any freeway that starts with "I" or "US." Too many out-of-towners, and about 90% of them cannon drive. If we just quietly hide in our houses until Tuesday, maybe they'll just go away and our lives can hopefully return to normal. Also, I lost my marbles at Meijer in Birtch Run, so if anyone comes across them, please leave them at the service desk. Thank You."

Seriously? Who peed in your Wheaties?

Several area people whose businesses depend on tourism, tell WNEM how much they appreciate out-of-town visitors who make their businesses thrive during tourist season.

The blogger at the center of the controversy declined the TV station's offer to appear on camera.