Morgan Weedman has a pretty bright future ahead of her.

While a junior in high school in Wellington, Mo., Morgan began taking dual credit courses at Wentworth College. That evolved into taking actual college classes whenever she could -- at night, during the weekend, during the summer -- earning 67 credits, even though she was still in high school. That was enough for her to get a pair of associate degrees.

When all was said and done, Morgan pulled off the astonishing feat of graduating from high school and college.

Her advisor at Wentworth is certainly impressed with her. “That is a rare, exceptional accomplishment for any student,” said Robert Cordell. "She’s driven. She’s focused. She’s a very hard-working young lady. She will have endless opportunities and potential in her career."

Adding to the accomplishment is the fact Morgan played sports, participated in clubs, performed community service and worked two jobs, making her the ultimate juggler of time.

"When I look back, I don’t know how I did everything,” said Morgan.

The hard work isn't quite over yet, though. Morgan will begin studying criminal justice at the University of Central Missouri this fall and has her eyes on getting at least one bachelor's degree and maybe a master's while she's enrolled there.

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