Think that you can't get bitten in our area? Think again.

Holly resident Michael Slate has posted an important warning about Massasauga Rattlesnakes. His father was bitten by one in Kensington Metropark. His dad was walking on a nature trail when it happened.

This is the Massasauga Rattlesnake that bit pops. YES IN MICHIGAN! Kensington Metro Park!! Alot of people didnt know that rattle snakes are in Michigan. My parents were on a nature trail. A trail that at least 100 other people were on. Most people had small children. This could have happen to anyone!! I just want people to be aware that these are around. I know us parents have kids that love snakes!! Just be extra careful because I wouldnt wish this on anyone and, luckily it happen to a strong bull like pops who is home and recovering! Thank you everyone!! let's hope the recovery proceess is smooth.

Definitely an important reminder that we are NOT immune to these snakes in southeastern Michigan.

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