After seeing what's left of this home, it's hard to believe someone that was inside actually survived. As a matter of fact, it was an 86 year old grandmother living in the home that survived after a tornado ripped it to shreds.

According to NBC25, the 86-year-old grandmother of Durand was at home in her Lay-Z-Boy when the tornado tore through her home. It pulled the house off it's the foundation, destroyed a shed, ripped the roof off but luckily she survived.

Her family says it's a miracle that she was able to survive something like this. Not only survive but she didn't get a scratch. According to her son, "she's a tough old bird."

The first thing she wanted after the whole ordeal...was a cigarette.

It's believed the home can be rebuilt on the foundation.

See video footage of the home and more on this story, here.

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