There's been no shortage of controversy following the 2013 Oscars, most of it dealing with host Seth MacFarlane's particular brand of comedy, which is either hilariously crude or mean-spirited and misogynistic, depending on who you ask. But with ratings higher than last year's ceremony (40.3 million people tuned in to watch 'Argo' win Best Picture), you'd wonder if the Academy would decide that further outcry was worth it and ask the 'Family Guy' creator back for a second time. However, MacFarlane himself preemptively answered that question on Twitter.

Why Seth MacFarlane's Oscars were mean spirited and misogynistic, coming up next after our review of the worst dressed women

With MacFarlane removing himself from the running, we can all start wondering who's going to host the 86th annual Academy Awards this time next year. Our choice is obvious (especially since MacFarlane name-dropped them during this year's show): Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who transformed the usually dull Golden Globes into must-see TV. What do you think? Chime in with who you want to see host the Oscars in the comments below!

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