18 people have complained about mild allergic reactions and even hospitalization after consuming cannabis in Michigan's largest cannabis recall valued at $230 Million dollars.

In the recall, the (MRA) Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency warned that people with weakened or compromised immune systems are at high risk for health-related issues when consuming tainted marijuana products.  Details will point to when the product was sold, and the MRA has released a recent statement on the matter.

The recall applied to the vast majority of marijuana tested by Viridis between Aug. 10 and Nov. 16.

“We have received 18 adverse reaction complaints since the issuance of the recall,” Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) Scientific and Legal Section Manager Claire Patterson testified at a Michigan Court of Claims hearing on Thursday, Dec. 2. “In looking at those, they range from pretty serious side effects and hospitalization to more mild allergic-type reactions.”  Source:Mlive.com

This is a major problem for this exploding industry and can't afford to have certain manufacturers and cultivators producing tainted products. The amount of product that was recalled is a ridiculous amount of cannabis and I can imagine that the company involved didn't wanna lose out on this year's revenue and gave the green light on pushing the tainted products. I have absolutely no evidence to back up my claims, but I've been involved in the local cannabis market for some time and you'll be surprised at what some people will do to retain profits.

The MRA recalled an estimated 64,000 pounds of marijuana worth almost $230 million on Nov. 17, based on court filings, although the MRA has never disclosed how much total product was recalled or sold to the public.


Let's hope that the growing cannabis industry in Michigan gets more capable and cautious cultivators that actually take the time to grow, handle, and maintain plants with a better sense of safety.

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