We are back at it showcasing the notable talent that are alumni of EMU.

As this series continues, today we take a dive into notable alumni from Eastern Michigan University. Of course, just like in previous lists, EMU boasts a lot more than the few I'm highlighting today. I just picked the 18 that stuck out to me. As with other alumni lists, I consider them alumni if they attended EMU whether they graduated or not.

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Eastern Michigan University has seen many students go on to be very successful in many fields. So many great authors, business people, political figures, and more once studied in EMU classrooms.

Some of the alumni that jumped out to me on this list from EMU include Dan Florek, Judge Mathis, Charlie Batch, and Shirley Spork. Having seen too many episodes of Law & Order to count, learning that Captain Cragen is an Eastern Michigan University alumni is pretty cool. The same story goes for Judge Mathis and Charlie Batch in relation to my TV habits. Also, being a huge fan of golf, it is really cool to see that EMU alumni Shirley Spork was one of the founders of the LPGA Tour. Plus, her last name is Spork, how can that not stick out.

As with CMU, Eastern has its not so reputable alumni as well. John Norman Collins also attended EMU. Collins was a serial killer in Michigan that is now serving a life sentence. He was referred to as "The Co-Ed Killer," "The Ypsilanti Ripper," and other names.

Eastern Michigan University is located in Ypsilanti. The EMU Eagles mascot has the official name of Swoop.

If you like this list of EMU you alumni, check out the notable alumni lists for U-M, MSU, and CMU as well.

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