After the craziness of the holiday season, planning a getaway may be right at the top of your list of things to do in 2022. Jetting out of town is easier than ever with some great "easy to get there" destinations right out of Flint's Bishop International Airport.

Now, if you're like me, when you are so fired up for a vacation you just want to get there as soon as possible. I'm not a fan of switching planes and love that direct flight option. What's more, with the long lines for TSA screenings and overall distance, flying out of Detroit isn't my favorite either when it comes to convenience.

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We're pretty lucky to have a great airport with some awesome options for travelers right in our own backyard with Flint's Bishop International Airport. Over the past few years, Bishop has been added a pretty impressive flight schedule that includes some great destinations and amazing fares. Even better, most of these flights to your next adventure are direct, and that means less hassle getting to your vacation destination.

Bishop International Airport is actually the third busiest airport in Michigan after Detroit and Grand Rapids. The airport was named after General Motors board member and banker Arthur Giles Bishop, who donated 220 acres of his farmland for the airport back in 1928.

Currently, Bishop is featuring all-jet service, with flights being provided by Allegiant, American, and United Airlines. If you're ready to plan that 2022 getaway, check out these 10 places you can fly direct from Flint.

Planning a Trip? 10 Direct Flight Destinations from Flint

Planning a trip in 2022? Getting there is even easier without all the hassles by flying right out of Flint's Bishop International Airport. Even better, there are several destinations with direct flights making it even easier than ever.

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